Audio Tour of the Peter and Paul Fortress including a visit to the Peter and Paul Cathedral and Trubetskoy Bastion Prison

Jan 1 — Mar 31
Saint Petersburg, Peter and Paul Fortress

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Price: 1000руб.

Price and description of the audio tour

An entrance ticket to the Peter and Paul Fortress Museum with an audio guide includes:

A ticket for entry to the Peter and Paul Cathedral and the Grand Ducal Burial Vault
A ticket for entry to the Trubetskoy Bastion Prison
An audio guide

The Peter and Paul Fortress is one of the main museums of Saint Petersburg located in the heart of the city. The ensemble of the Fortress covers the area of the entire Hare Island and comprises unique architectural monuments, the main of which, without doubt, is the Peter and Paul Cathedral.

The Peter and Paul Cathedral is the burial vault of Russian emperors. The founder of Saint Petersburg, Emperor Peter the Great, was buried in the Cathedral. The last Russian Tsar Nicholas II and his family found their eternal shelter in the Catherine’s Chapel of the Cathedral.

In addition to the Cathedral, the territory of the Peter and Paul Fortress accommodates a number of museums. One of them is the famous Trubetskoy Bastion Prison. Outstanding writers, philosophers, politicians and public figures, including Gorky, Dostoevsky, Chernyshevsky, Trotsky and many others, were serving sentences at different times in the prison of the Peter and Paul Fortress.

The tour of the Fortress includes a story about the Main St. Peter's Gate, the Artillery Armory, standard houses of the 18th century, the Mint and many more. You will learn the history of the traditional midday shot of the Naryshkin Bastion Cannon, you will see the most unusual monument of Peter the Great by sculptor Mikhail Shemyakin, and get acquainted with distinctive features of the 18th century fortification construction.

The price of the audio tour and a ticket for entry to the Peter and Paul Cathedral and Trubetskoy Bastion Prison (electronic ticket) is 1000руб.

You can exchange your electronic ticket for an entrance ticket and get an audio guide at the Info Center located in Ioannovsky Ravelin. Audio guides will be provided against a deposit.