Requirements for Images (Event Advertisement Posters)

At, we use two images (posters) for each event: a thumbnail poster with 320x335 pixel resolution and a large poster with 640x670 pixel resolution.

General Requirements for Posters:

  1. Posters shall be of the resolutions adopted (320x335 pixels, 640x670 pixels). The thumbnail poster and large poster shall be different.
  2. Posters must contain a relevant image or photo of the event and/or a photo of the performers.
  3. Large posters may include optional elements: a logo or title of the event.
  4. No text shall be present on posters (except the event title in large posters).
  5. No logos of any companies, radio stations, production centers or other organizations shall be present on posters.
  6. No website addresses shall be included in posters.

Additional Requirements for Thumbnail Posters:

  1. No text shall be present on thumbnail posters. The image of the poster will be displayed on the initial screen of mobile applications and websites where texts on the poster will be illegible, while all necessary information about the Event is already displayed.